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Mammoth spiritual gathering of Hindus at Pongalur, Tamilnadu


A three day mammoth spiritual, divine gathering of Hindus was  organised by Hindu Munnani in Tamilnadu’s Pongaluru on 23, 24 and 25th December. This was participated by over 1 lakh families mostly residing in Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode and Tiruppur districts.

This year Hindu Munnani’s Coimbatore vibhag organised such gathering with the motto of ‘Hindu Munnani in every house; Hindu Munnani Committee in every street’.

Hindu Munnani Coimbatore Vibhag that comprises of Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Erode and Tiruppur districts.

Since 11 years, Hindu Munnani Coimbatore Vibhag is organising programmes for women on December 25 and for youth on January 26.

A committee was formed to take forward the event. To acquire divine power of strength, haste and love to the Hindu community, Gaja Puja (strength), Ashwa Puja (Speed) and Gau Puja (Peace) was planned. One Gaja Puja, 17 Yagnas, 108 Ashwa Puja, 1008 Gau (National breed) Puja and 1 lakh families’ meet, Meenakshi Kalyanam and Andal Thiru Kalyanam were organized for three days.

For smooth performance of the event a core team with 47 departments were identified.  To carry the message of the event, various methods were planned.

Four Raths in four districts were organized. Through yatra, meetings at 1380 places were organized.  217640 people performed puja during Rath yatra.  For Yagna, bricks and ghee were also received from the public.   1, 25,000 bricks and 1100 litre ghee were received from the devotees.

Cleaning and structuring the 65 acres of land for this mammoth gathering and 130 acres of land for transport parking went on for two months.

To involve public and their participation, various pamphlets were printed and distributed; 1512 through auto, 990 temples, 826 banners, 5 local television channels, slides in theatres, 64 – one minute videos were propagated on social media.

Public Reach

In 122 housing boards, 262 temples, 21 companies, 76 self-help groups, 118 schools, 31 spiritual events, 520 social leaders and 116 family gatherings were organized. At 496 places, 153836 sq-ft , wall writings attracted many on road.

Yagna bhumi:

To purify the yagna place, more than 500 women involved themselves in coating with cow-dung.

300 temporary toilets, one office, 60 water storage tanks, 100 taps to clean hands, 7800 dwajas were placed.


16 Vetinary doctors with one ambulance for animals;
4 medical centres with 14 doctors, 73 nurses and 14 ambulances.
5369 people benefitted through this service.

Other highlights

Abhishekam with turmeric water
Pranaprathista for Amman was done 20 days before and every day hundreds of women did abhishekam.

Exhibition showcasing the achievements of Hindu Munnani.

A Special postal cover depicting this historic event was released by the Postal Department during the occasion.

Courtesy: VSK Chennai


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