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Mori To Be First Digital Village In Andhra Pradesh


Mori, a sleepy cashew exporting village in East Godavari district, has emerged as the first super-smart village of the state. Even as the rest of the country is struggling to switch over to the digital payment mode, this tiny village has been declared an all-digital administration panchayat. Impressed by the digital progress of the village, chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has decided to launch the state government’s prestigious Fibernet programme from Mori on December 29, 2016.

All the 1,900 houses in the village will be tuned in to new Fibernet-hosted television, internet and telephone network from Thursday. Mori, which had already bagged the national-level Swachh village award from the Centre, will become the first all-digital governance village, declared the CM. According to IT experts, the digital revolution does not mean only to watch television and operate mobile phone for entertainment. The household internet facility would be used to provide direct marketing to traders. “Villagers were provided with the best training to make use of internet to improve their finances through direct marketing,” Fibernet project MD Koganti Sambasiva Rao said.

Courtesy: Times of India