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Nameplates inscribed with names of daughters in Gurugram


Residents of a village in Gurugram district, in a Haryana state notorious for gender prejudice, have decided to nail nameplates of their daughters on their houses. Residents of Alipur village near Sohna, some 17 km from here, have started putting nameplates of their daughters at the main entrance of their houses. Alipur is one of the five villages (four in Gurugram and one in Mewat) that have been adopted by President Pranab Mukherjee for making them model villages under the Adarsh Gram Yojana initiative launched last year.

A house in the village, which was previously identified as of Pawan Kumar, now has a nameplate of his daughter, Monika. Monika, a secondary class student in the village’s private school, is very excited and curious to see her name on the plate. Monika’s mother Meena is a housewife and father Pawan Kumar is a farmer. The couple is happy over the villagers decision on an initiative of sarpanch Mamta Dagar under her drive ‘Lado Swabhiman Utsav’.

Alipur, home to over 5,000 people, is keen to change nameplates of its over 700 houses. While some have already changed the nameplates, many have ordered new ones carrying the names of their daughter or grand-daughter. Dagar said the villagers are also planting saplings on the name of their daughters and grand-daughters, and added that families will be honoured for taking the best care of the saplings. According to a 2011 census, Alipur had 1,789 males and 1,609 females of the total population.

Courtesy: HansIndia