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Nation First should be our Goal – Dattatreya Hosabale Ji


Chennai. Chinmaya Mission has been conducting series of events to mark 108th Birth Anniversary of Swami Chinmayananda. One such event was held on 3rd October 2023. Swami Mithrananda of Chinmaya Mission and RSS Sarkaryavah Dattatreya Hosabale Ji participated in the event.

Speaking on the occasion, Swami Mitrananada said Desha Bhakti and Dev Bhakti are the same. He hailed the services of RSS swayamsevaks and called RSS as guardians of Bharat. He also recollected the holy relationship between Guruji Golwalkar the 2nd Sarsanghchalak of RSS and Swami Chinmayananda.

Addressing the gathering, Dattatreya Ji said, RSS and Chinmaya Mission share the same vision. He praised the services of Chinmaya Mission. He also recollected how swayamsevaks worked in tandem with Chinmaya Mission on various projects. He said, Desha Bhakti and Dev Bhakti are one and the same and thousands of people who sacrificed for our nation considered Bharat as almighty and submitted themselves for its services.

He said Nation is a cultural concept and Dharma is the soul of the country. He also quoted Aurobindo who said ‘Sanatan Dharma is the Nationality of our country’. He added that many don’t understand Sanatan Dharma, it is not ignorance but a conspiracy, a calculated agenda.

He said Nation is evolved out of 3 centres. Land, People and Cultural Values. RSS’ objective is to make Bharat raise to the pinnacle of glory, that is Param Vaibhavam. This land is of Ram, Krishna and that is why in every state, people name their child after Ram and Krishna. He added that Socialist Ram Manohar Lohia has also reflected the same thought.

Happiness to everyone, family values, environmental protection, cultural repository, traditions & temples, customs, festivals, life styles, communities, practices, all these are undoubtedly the part.

Sarkaryavah Ji also hailed on how Swami Chinmayananda played big role in forming VHP in 1964 and that he also served as its 1st working President. He also hailed his role in Ram Janma Bhoomi movement and also said, Swamiji felt building Ram Mandir as his duty.

“Nation is built on sacrifice, blood, culture, tradition of people”. He concluded that Guruji Golwalkar and Swami Chinmayananda chose two fields to achieve one and same objective.

Courtesy : VSK BHARATH