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On the occasion of the 2550th Nirvana of Mahaveer Swami Statement of Ma Sarkaryawah Ji


Sewa Sadhna evm Gram Vikas Kendra, Pattikalyana – Panipat (Haryana)
Chaitra Krishna 5-7 Yugabdh 5124 (12-14 March, 2023)
On the occasion of the 2550th Nirvana of Mahaveer Swami
Statement of Ma Sarkaryawah Ji

2550 years of Lord Mahavir’s attainment of Nirvana are being completed. On the day of Kartik Amavasya, he overcame eight Karmas and attained Nirvana. The divine manifestation, which ushered the mankind towards the light of knowledge devoted his life for self-development and social welfare and, rendered supreme service to humanity. Keeping the welfare of humanity in mind, he gave five principles in the form of Satya (truthfulness), Ahimsa (non-violence), Asteya (non-stealing), Aparigraha (non-possession), and Brahmacharya (celibacy) that have eternal relevance. Lord Mahavir was a trailblazer in the fight to eradicate gender discrimination in society by honouring and recognising the contributions that women make to society and restoring their lost dignity.

His teaching of Aparigraha (non-possession) encouraged people to curb their material desires and instead use their excess wealth towards the betterment of society. Now, more than ever, the Aparigraha concept must be practised if we are to save the environment from the destruction that our consumerist lifestyle is wreaking. Adhering to his teachings of Ahimsa (non-violence), Sah-Astitva (co-existence) and seeing the same Self in every living being is absolutely necessary for the existence of the world. While expounding the philosophy of Karma, Bhagwan Mahavir held the view that one’s own actions were responsible for one’s pleasure and that one should avoid holding others accountable for one’s sufferings and sorrows.

Today, Bharat is moving in the direction of becoming ‘Vishwaguru’ by making an effort on the basis of its ‘Swa’; the inner potential of Bharat is inspiring her to lead the world and it is believed by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh that in this journey the contemporary era needs the wisdom of Vardhaman in order to proceed along this path. On the occasion of the 2550th anniversary of Lord Mahavir’s attainment of Nirvana, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh pays homage to him with reverence. All swayamsevaks will contribute whole heartly in programmes organised in this regard & imbibe his preachings in their lives. Hopes that society would adopt Lord Mahavir’s teachings and commit itself to the welfare of humanity.