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Our hearts should also be the abode of Ram – Sarsanghchalak


Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh 09-Aug-2020

Revered Mahant Nrityagopal ji Maharaj and all other respected saints who are present here; respected and popular Prime Minister of Bharat, Respected Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Respected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, all citizens, mothers and sisters,

This is a moment of joy. We had made a resolve and I remember, when we were about move ahead, the then Sarsanghchalak, Balasaheb Devras ji had reminded us that we would have to work hard for almost 20 to 30 years to accomplish our aim. We have worked for twenty or thirty years, and while we are entering the thirtieth year, we are feeling the joy of accomplishing our resolve.
Everyone toiled very hard; and many of them have martyred themselves and they all must be present in their intangible form. There are also those who could not be present here physically because of the situation. Advani ji, who led the Rath Yatra would be watching this programme, sitting in his home. There are many who could have come but couldn’t be invited because of the circumstances. They also, would be watching the programme from where they own places. I am able to see the wave of happiness across the nation. This happiness is the result of fulfilment of a desire that remained unfulfilled for centuries.
But the greatest of joy is that the auspicious work of building the solid foundation of the self-confidence and self-consciousness, required to make Bharat self-reliant, has begun today, of which the core is spirituality. “Siya Rammay Sab Jag Jani” (The whole world is a manifestation of Sita and Ram)
It is Bharat that has given the concept of seeing the whole world in oneself and to see oneself in the whole world. That is why even now in the world, every person here behaves in a very gentle way and the social approach of this nation has always been based on the principle ‘Vasudhaivkutumbkam’ (the whole world is one Family).
Today, the foundation of the method necessary for, along with retaining this habit, fulfilling our responsibilities, and taking all along to the extent possible, finding way of any trappings of the illusory real world, is being laid here. It is a matter of added joy that the auspicious inauguration of the work of building a Bharat, enjoying the pinnacle of glory and caring for the welfare of all, is made by the leadership in whose hands the technique of the construction-plan is vested.
Now we remember Ashok ji and revered Mahant Paramahans Das ji, and naturally have the feeling how good it would have been if they were here with us today. But only God’s will prevails.
It is my strong belief that those who are present with us here, as well as those who are not present here in a tangible way, are not only enjoying the happy moments here but also must enhancing that joy a hundredfold. This joy comes in the form of an inspiration, as an excitement: “We can do it; we have to do it; we have to do it only!
Eitaddeshprasutasya Sakashadgrajanmanah
Swam Swam Charitram Shiksharenprithviyam Sarvamanavah’
(From a Brahmana born in that country let all men on earth learn their several usages)
It is for us to teach everyone how to live. Presently, the world is reeling under the threat of the corona virus, and it has become introvert and thinking, ’what has gone wrong? What is the way out?’ Hitherto they have seen only two alternatives. Is there a third way? Yes, we have it. We can show the way, and only we can show it. Today, it is the occasion to make the resolve to make the preparations for it. We have done enough penance and efforts. From the time of Lord Sri Ram to this day, we have shown our capacity to make efforts, and displayed our valour and bravery. We have never lost them. And they are still with us. So, once we make a resolve and go for it, we will surely achieve it. So, this is the sort of confidence and inspiration we are getting today, like all other Bharatiyas, without any exception, because Lord Sri Ram belongs to all and Lord Sri Ram resides in everyone.
So there would be a glorious temple here, the process of construction has begun, responsibilities have been allocated. Those who have been entrusted with various duties would carry out their work. While this happens, what do we have to do? We have to get ready the Ayodhya in our hearts. The ‘Dharma’, to which Prabhu Rama belongs, unites people, helps them progress and move up. This ‘Dharma’ is all- inclusive. We have to be the flag bearers of this ‘Dharma’ and ensure that we build a Bharat that brings peace and happiness to the world.
Even as the construction of temple progresses here, the Ayodhya in our hearts should also get ready. Before this temple is ready, the temple in our heart should be ready. This is needed. What kind of a temple this would be, has been told :
“Kam koh mada maan na moha, lobha na Chobha na rag na droha
Jinh ke kapat, dambha nahin maya, tinke hridya basuhu raghuraya.
Jaat-Paat dhanu dharmu badai, priya parivar sadan sukhdayi
Sab taji tumhi rahai ur lai, tehi ke hridya rahuhu raghurai.”
Our hearts should also be the abode of Ram. We must be free of all vices, ill- feelings and animosity and should have the capability of doing all sorts of work, irrespective of the illusions of the real world, whatever they may be. Also, we should rid our hearts of all disparities, as our work is to shape the individual and the society of this nation, which is capable of owning not only her own people but the whole world. Here will come up the living concrete symbol of the work necessary for building up the society. And this symbol will be a perpetual source of symbol for all. The construction of the majestic Ram temple is not merely the construction of yet another temple to add one more to lakhs of temples that already exist, but the auspicious inauguration of the process of the re-manifestation and reestablishment of the spirit behind the installation of deities in all temples. On this auspicious occasion, on this joyful moment I greet you all and, and sharing my thoughts with you for your consideration, I would like to take leave of you.


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