Home News Police detains 66 Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad

Police detains 66 Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad

Image courtesy: IndToday.com

Hyderabad police detained as many as 66 illegal Rohingya immigrants from Hafeezbaba Nagar in Kanchanbagh police limits of Hyderabad during a cordon and search operation on Friday. The police also detained 15 more suspects for the verification.

Speaking to the media police said, during these operations they have identified several people living in the area without any valid papers and most of them are migrant labour from different states, particulary from West Bengal, Bihar. The police have captured the fingerprints of these illegal Rohingyas and other geo-tagged the suspects.

The police also asked the elders of the locality to inform police if they found any illegal activity or presence of unknown people.

The police arrested Sattar, Hussain and Yousuf for running an illegal slaughter house in the area.   Police also arrested Yousuf who is using Ethylene ripener for artificially ripening of mangoes at his godown.


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