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Press statement of International Working President of VHP


New Delhi. In yet another Jihadi attack, 42 security personnel have lost their lives in Pulwama, J&K. The act was perpetuated by a local youth, indoctrinated in the name of religion, who drove a explosive laden car behind the caravan, overtook to come in front of it and then rammed it into a bus causing a heavy damage.

In a pre-recorded video message, he states that he would be in heaven by the time the video is uploaded. Jaish-e-Mohammad has taken the responsibility of the incident.

Clearly the young persons are being enrolled, mistaken in the name of religion, to wage jihad, perpetrate murders all in the name of religion and luxuries in Jannat.

This is a challenge to all humanity and the global community must rise to answer such ideology.

The people who believe that Islam is a religion of peace and universal brotherhood must rise and assert in the interest of Humanity.

Jaish-e-Mohammad is a Pak based & Pak backed outfit. Efforts to declare it a terrorist organisation have been vetoed at UN by China. The nexus must be broken and terrorist bases in Pakistan destroyed.

We believe that Indian Govt. will respond to the attack resolutely, firmly and effectively.

Alok Kumar, Advocate, International Working President, Vishva Hindu Parishad


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