Home News Priests pave the way for SCs to perform Puja in temple

Priests pave the way for SCs to perform Puja in temple


The Parvathy Gangadhara Swamy temple at Munagala in Suryapet district of Telangana saw a stream of devotees who thronged the temple for special Pujas for Karthika Masa and Nagula Chaviti. The devotees came from various villages in the district and elsewhere.

Varanasi Kishore, a priest in the temple, in a move to promote social harmony, invited Sanitation Workers belonging to Scheduled Castes to perform Rudrabhishekam in the temple. He shared his perspective on the matter and reminded people of the views of Swami Vivekananda that everyone has to be respected by the way of approach to theur work and not the work they do.

President of Temple Vaasa Srinivas praised the contribution being made by sanitation workers to keep the village and the Temple clean.

MPP Eleka Bindhu and her husband Narendar Reddy also participated in the Puja. They expressed their happiness at the occasion and felt that the Puja has a positive impact on the way people think and promotes social harmony.

President of Sanitation Workers’ Union, Bandaru Guruvamma, sanitation workers Nemmadhi Durgaiah, Venkataratnam, Jilla Venkaiah, Udheela, Kalakuntla Renuka and devotees from different villages also took part in the programme.


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