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Raise the Swabhimaan of Hindu society – Ugadi Utsav Message at Golkonda, Bhagyanagar


RSS Golkonda Bhag celebrated ugadi utsavam in Narayanamma Engg. college, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) on 29th March, 2017. As a prelude to the Utsav, children from Balasamskara kendras, Balgokulam and some girl children from government schools performed in various cultural activities like dance, singing, playing musical instruments, reciting Bhagavat Geeta shlokas,etc.

Once the Sangh Utsav started,  the chief guest of program Shri Madhusoodhan garu, deputy manager, Kalanjali, talking to audience expressed concern regarding Handicrafts industry which is second largest employment generator after agriculture. These days they are facing threat of being extinct because of conversions and dumping of Chinese goods. These arts are very much linked to and dependent  on our culture. By linking these arts with some industries we can revive them.

He felt that this is a golden time for our culture in the last 1000 years. Especially women have the responsibility to share and spread the good things happening in our society.

Shri Nadimpalli Ayush ji, RSS Telangana prant prachaar pramukh said that various arts like rangoli, thoranam, classical dances, music, songs need not always be scientifically justified for someone else with some reason being attributed to them. They can simply be followed because of the beauty, aesthetics, parampara. They are the sources of our emotional, social and cultural well-being.

He said many invaders not only looted but also destroyed temples and idols, built dargas inside temples to break our Swabhiman ( self-esteem ).

He explained family is basic unit of our society not an individual. Western individualistic, consumerist systems tried to break this family system and failed. But through T.V. and movies  are propagating unnecessary habits like alcoholism on the name of being liberal.

For more than 2/3 rd of the world, China, Bharat and Middle East, South East Asia,  January 1st is not a new year, yet many of us follow the Gregorian calendar even in our daily personal life. Is it because of inferior complex towards our own culture, systems.  On one hand many so-called intellectual Hindus denounce scriptures as backward, whereas U.S. and Germany are establishing universities to study our Vedic knowledge systems.

He urged audience to implement RSS Sarsangchalak mohan ji’s proposal to have equal access to Temples, Water bodies, and crematory Grounds to all Hindus, develop brotherhood feeling among all of them.

Ater Sangh prarathan, prasad was distributed. An appeal was made also to donate funds for Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad which is working towards empowerment of our brethren living in the far away forest areas.