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Rashtrapati Bhavan responds to AP Home Minister’s misuse of SC Status

Rashtrapathi Bhavan has responded to a complaint that Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Mekathoti Suchaarita misused her SC status. It directed the Chief Secretary of Andhra Pradesh to take necessary action in the matter.

Mekathoti Sucharita had contested the AP Assembly from the Pathipadu constituency in Guntur district in the last polls and won. Prathipadu is an SC Reserved constituency. However, in a recent interview on YouTube, the Home Minister herself mentioned that she is a Christian.  Taking note of this admission on video, the Legal Rights Protection Forum filed a complaint with the Hon’ble President of India that it is a violation if a Christian contests from an SC Reserved constituency.

An Ordinance by the President of India (1950) stipulates that a person loses his/her SC status when he/she converts into Christianity or Islam. Therefore, the Legal Rights Protection Forum questioned her election to the Assembly through the SC Reserved Constituency of Pathipadu and requested that her election may be deemed null and void.
Rashtrapati Bhavan taking cognizance of the complaint and directing the CS to take necessary action has caused waves in political circles.

Sucharita today, Sridevi yesterday:

Legal Rights Protection Forum is a body that focuses on those misusing  SC reservation while being Christians and misleading both people and the Government. Earlier, similar case of Undavalli Sridevi, who won from Tadikonda SC constituency in Guntur district, was also brought to the notice of RP Bhavan. And as per directions from RP Bhavan, a committee was set up under the chairmanship of Joint Collector, Guntur, to enquire into the matter. The committee has questioned Sridevi and the Legal Rights Protection Forum informed that enquiry is still going on and the committee shall submit its report to relevant authorities soon.

The Constitution of India has made provisions for the protection of rights of the Scheduled Caste communities of Hindus. But in dire violation of these provisions, Christians and others have been enjoying the special provisions and depriving genuine SCs of their Constitutional protection, says LRPF. The practice of political parties fielding Christians in constituencies reserved for SCs leads to their political suppression and marginalisation. Further, LPRF expressed concern that this is a conspiracy to convert SCs into Christianity. The Forum vowed to continue its fight for justice.


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