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Rohingya Muslims settling near army camps in Jammu


Jammu and Kashmir police on Wednesday raided the jhuggis at Channi Himmat area where Rohingyas are illegally settled and recovered around Rs 30 lakhs in cash and also arrested three people.

As soon as the specific information was received, Jammu and Kashmir police conducted search operation at Channi Himmat area near Sunjwan Army camp and arrested three Rohingyas along with the cash worth Rs 30 lakh was recovered from their possession. However, the two main culprits who brought the money are still on the run.

Senior Superintendent of Police Jammu, Vivek Gupta, said, “The matter is being investigated thoroughly and what is the source of this huge amount of cash is also being looked into while search to arrest the culprits has also been launched.” “Their involvement in thefts, narco smuggling and terror-related incidents can’t be ruled out,” he added.

“Our teams are continuously keeping vigil over all suspected movements and this recovery is result of our day and night surveillance,” SSP Jammu Vivek Gupta said.

In February this year, human trafficking racket operated by Rohingyas in Jammu was exposed by the police. Three girls were also rescued by Jammu police. Besides this, numbers of Rohingyas have been booked in Jammu for their involvement in drug peddling.


How come Rohingyas are able to illegally enter in India and settling down next to a sensitive military station of Jammu and Kashmir?

Is Jammu and Kashmir administration is sleeping?

Who is helping these Rohingyas to get settle in India?

Why can’t Indian authorities deport these Rohingyas and what is stopping you?


Please do not compromise national security in name of appeasement.

Deport all Rohingyas from India immediately as they pose threat not only to national security but also to mankind.

Let us all Indians get united and throw all those people who have entered in our country illegally…mainly ROHINGYAS


Rohingyas are ethnic Muslims of Myanmar living in Rakhine province in the Arakan region. Following clashes between dominant Buddhist communities in Myanmar, a large number of the Rohingya Muslims were forced to leave their country beginning 2012. The government of Myanmar does not recognize Rohingya Muslims as citizens. They are effectively stateless people since 1982 when Myanmar passed a new citizenship law.

Officially, Myanmar government refused to recognize the Rohingya as an ethnic group. In 2015, Myanmar stated that as terminology, Rohingya had “never been included among over 100 national races of Myanmar.” It says that Rohingya Muslims are mainly Bengali’s settling in the country illegally after Myanmar’s independence in 1948 and in the aftermath of 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War.


As Rohingya Muslims poses serious threat to the security of India and many of the Rohingyas figure in the suspected sinister designs of ISI/ISIS and other extremist, terrorist groups. This community is vastly involved in human trafficking, theft, killing and various other criminal activities. Rohingyas in India are also getting a support from terror groups.

Terror group al-Qaeda’s Kashmir cell Ansar Ghazwat-Ul-Hind Zakir Musa released an audio message on YouTube channel Ansar Ghazwa and warned the Indian government against deporting Rohingya Muslims in Jammu. Musa group and many other terrorist organizations are actually trying to use Rohingyas against India and that is why they are so the concern of these Muslim refugees.


The Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory on the 8th of August this year which was circulated to all the states and Union Territories noted that Rohingya Muslims possess a great threat to country and countrymen, therefore the administration should identify all the illegal immigrants and deport them immediately. Rohingyas currently stay in Hyderabad, Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Assam, West Bengal etc.


As per official estimates, around 70000-80000 Rohingya Muslims are living in India since fleeing their homeland of Myanmar in the wake of violence. Over 20 thousand Rohingyas are living in Jammu and Kashmir.

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