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RSS ABPS 2018 Annual Report



by RSS Sarkaryavah Sri Suresh (Bhaiyya) Joshi during Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha ( ABPS 2018 )


We feel the pain and vacuum when we experience the absence of close associates, beloved ones, and distinguished personalities from social, political, religious, and cultural fields. In the course of time, many such noble personalities have left us for the final abode. Similarly, many brave-hearts sacrificed their lives in the line of duty for protecting the nation or fighting against the terrorists. It is very painful to accept that many of our brethren fell victim to the violence of political intolerance. Many people have left us due to natural calamities and accidents.

The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha pays homage to all such departed souls and prays for their eternal peace besides expressing deep condolences towards their family members. May the God Almighty give ‘Sadgati’ to the departed souls.

Status of our work

Sangh Shiksha Varg and Prathmik Shiksha Varg held in 2017-18

Total Sangh Shiksha Varg (SSV):

Report on Shakhas:

Shakhas in Telangana:

Over 1000 shakhas have increased in Telangana over the last 8 years. Currently, 2412 shakhas are running in 1608 places. In 2017, there were 2302 shakhas in 1495 places.

Tour of P. P. Sarsanghchalak ji

In the year 2017-18, during the tours of P. P. Sarsanghachalak Ji, besides organizational meetings with Karyakartas, interactions with prominent people from various walks of life and special programmes were organized.

P.P. Sarsanghachalak ji met President of Ramakrishna Math, Swami Smarananand Ji, Syedana Saheb, a revered figure of Bohra community from Mumbai, Isha Foundation’s Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev Ji, Poojya Bhole ji Maharaj and Poojya Mangala Mata ji of Hans Foundation and Mahamahim Rashtrapati Shri Ramnath Kovind Ji etc.

A session of interaction also took place with renowned musical maestro Padmashri Rashid Khan, Cine Actor Ajay Devgan, former football player Kalyan Ji Chaube and Shri G. M. Rao of GMR group.

Prachar Vibhag:

Like every year, ‘Narad Jayanti’ programmes were held at different places in which 40,000 people participated including 10,000 journalists. 1300 journalists were felicitated for their special contribution.

– Join RSS initiative through Website : The Sangh launched a features in its website www.rss.org whereby citizens could get connected. In the last year over 1.25 Lakhs citizens have expressed desire to join Sangh through this feature.

  • The Jagarana Patrikas reach to remote villages. 30 such Patrikas in 12 languages reach up to more than 2 lac villages.
  • A programme on introduction to the RSS was organized for journalists at various places in which 541 journalists from 7 prants participated.
  • For the 1st time, the Vijayadashami speech of Sarsanghchalak was telecast Live over our FB page facebook.com/RssOrg ; It was watched by over 19 Lakh viewers.

Sampark Vibhag: For the last few years, a special interaction of elites on the Vijayadahsmi speech of P. P. Sarsanghachalak Ji is being organized at prominent places of the country. This year at 18 locations 1007 eminent people participated in such interaction. P. P. Sarsanghachalak ji himself was present in a programme at Delhi while at other places other Akhil Bharatiya Office Bearers were present in which a meaningful and in depth discussion took place.

  • Samarasata –In Telangana Prant Swayamsevaks made efforts with the help of Poojya Sandhu Sant and society for social harmony in some selected villages. Due to these efforts now in 200 villages it is now possible to have one cremation place, no discrimination in temple entry and common glasses for all in Hotels.

Special programs 

Telangana: Special Experiment on Vijayadahsmi – Every year, in Bhagyanagar Mahanagar, district wise route march used to be organized. This year a collective Vijayadashmi Utsav of both the Vibhags and 10 districts took place. Taking benefit of this experiment, with the aim of taking Sangh work to each and every locality, special efforts were made in updating the list and organizing the group-wise system.

From each locality at least 10 people should be represented was the target. Out of total 765 localities of the metropolitan area 626 (82 %) localities were represented with total participation of more than 11,000 Swayamsevaks, out of which 7397 were in full Sangh uniform. 900 mothers and sisters also were present on the occasion.

Andhra Pradesh: Work among College Youth – This year, each Vibhag organized special camps of College Youths to give impetus to Shakhas and Saptahik Milans. In 11 such camps 4,641 students of 585 colleges participated in full Sangh uniform. 48 out of them have become short-term vistaraks In the Prathamik Shiksha Varg Swayamsevaks from 808 colleges and 68 professional institutions underwent training.

 Meerut :- “Rashtroday Swayamsevak Samagam” was a big success. 1,45,322 swayamsevaks from 7649 villages representing all mandal (987) and basti (1553) were present out of which 1,01,712 youths were below the age of 40. For the last few years efforts were on to make all mandal active with sangh karya.

As a result this program was successful. For this program 6 lakhs food packets were collected from 3 lakhs families of 3 districts.

Uttar Assam: “Luitparia Hindu Samavesh” : A massive conglomeration of Swayamsevaks of Uttar Assam was organized at Guwahati on January 21, 2018. Total 31351 Swayamsevaks in full Sangh uniform were represented from 239 blocks (96 %), 46 Nagars, 1511 circles (70 %) and 90 % of urban localities. Significantly, more than 35,000 common people also joined the programme.

Delhi: Karya Vistar: The 508 shakhas are increased in Delhi Prant through Karya Vistar Yojna that is the rise of 28.5 %. For the purpose it was insisted that each shakha should organize a Varshikotsav (an annual programme exhibiting Shakha skills) and 92 percent Shakhas organized them.

Haryana: As part of the Integrated Village Development Scheme, a workshop was organized on ‘Organic Farming’ in which 1,200 farmers participated.

Dakshin Banga  : Commemorating the completion of 125 years of Swami Vivekananda’s Chicago Speech, various programme were organized throughout the Prant in the month of September. 85 Lakh books and 13 lakh stickers were distributed. More than 30,000 and 4,33,000 youths participated in the bicycle and motorcycle rallies respectively, organized on this occasion. 1.75 lakh people attended the public meetings. 4 lakh families of 382 blocks, and 1805 circles could be reached out to through the programme.

National Scenario

All of us are experiencing that with the growing trust in our work, there are growing expectations also throughout the country. The participation of Hindu society in the programmes organized by various Prants give the same experience. The Hindu Sammelans organized in the Northeastern States, especially in Tripura, was inspirational in much ways. The admiration expressed by eminent personalities from social, religious, industrial fields indicates the growing acceptability of our work.

At the same time, the incidents of internal strife in the society are a matter of grave concern for all.

It should be our concern that the respect and confidence towards justice and security system should not be broken. We have every right to present our view within the Constitutional and legal system. The adherence to those restrictions is also necessary.

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