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RSS Defamation: Rahul Gandhi again runs away from facing the trial via technical route


Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi who is accused of defaming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for killing Mahatma Gandhi, appeared at Bhiwandi court in Maharashtra, but pleaded for adjournment of the case on technical grounds.

Immediately consenting to the request from Congress vice president, the Court has adjourned the case. Now the hearing for the recording of Rahul Gandhi’s plea in RSS defamation case has been adjourned till March 3 by the Bhiwandi court.

After a brave poser to fight the charges of defaming Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for involved in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, it seems that Rahul has lost the confidence to logically and factually face the trial and now pleading for more and more time.

Rahul Gandhi was in no mood to face the trial. He asked for the adjournment on a funny and childish reason. Rahul’s pleading gave the reason- “All documents not reached”. When asked which documents, Rahul Gandhi said that they have received the newspaper cuttings but not the full newspaper versions.

When asked for his reaction on the adjournment of the trial, RSS functionary and complainant Rajesh Kunte said that the other party is shying away from fighting the court battle. “They are running from facing the trial. It seems that their confidence level is very low to win this case. Now the Congress is saying that it will carry on with facing the trial but it’s because they have no other option left for them as the Supreme Court has sent them to the magistrate court.

“The Congress went to high court and the apex court for quashing the case earlier”, said Kunte

Some rare informal moments…

When Rahul Gandhi appeared in the courtroom, the Judge was pronouncing verdict for some other case. The delay in starting off their case gave a ‘pleasant’ opportunity for both complainant (Rajesh Kunte) and respondent (Rahul Gandhi)to get introduced to each other. Former Maharashtra CM Ashok Chavan introduced Rahul with Rajesh.

After a formal handshake, Rahul asked Rajesh if he is a BJP worker. Rajesh denied saying that he is an active RSS office-bearer. Then Rahul seemed curious about Rajesh’s personal life, his business and family status. When learned that Rajesh Kunte was also a bachelor, Rahul said, I am also a bachelor!

In a lighter tone, the Congress leader asked “RSS key logon ki Shaadi Nahi Hoti kya? (Do all RSS people remain a bachelor?). “Only Pracharaks remain as a bachelor, replied Rajesh Kunte. It was the rarest site that both Rahul Gandhi and Rajesh Kunte who got projected as “Horn-locked” by the media, were having cordial chat in the courtroom.

Rajesh Kunte told NewsBharati that it was a pleasant and friendly gesture for both which will help erase personal grudges if any.

The case against the Congress Vice President was filed by RSS functionary Rajesh Kunte over his speech in Bhiwandi on March 6, 2014. During his party’s rally, the Congress leader had allegedly then said: “The RSS people had killed Gandhi.”Rahul Gandhi had a chance to get cleared of defamation charges after he backtracked and told the Supreme Court he never meant to accuse the whole of the RSS of assassinating Gandhi, in last August.

After being criticised for backtracking, he told the top court in September that he stands by his 2014 statement that the RSS killed Mahatma Gandhi and is ready to face trial for saying that. He then withdrew his petition seeking to quash the defamation case against him.

In September, Rahul withdrew a petition he filed in the Supreme Court challenging the case and said he would instead face trial. Meanwhile, the apex court refused to interfere with the criminal proceedings pending against him before the trial court.

During his last appearance before the court in November, the Congress Vice President was granted bail within minutes, who used the time for an audacious political show in Bhiwandi.


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