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RSS Sarsanghachalak Mohan ji Bhagwat Participates in Chaturmas Vrat with Jain Acharya Mahashraman


Jain Acharya Mahashraman is observing his Chaturmas vrat in Madhavaram, Chennai. Acharya undertook Ahimsa Yatra on foot from 2014, through the length and breadth of our country, promoting non-violence. He entered Tamil Nadu on 1st July 2018. Acharyashree Mahashraman Chaturmas Pravas Vyavastha Samiti had made wide arrangements for the smooth conduct of vrat.

Acharya Mahashraman in his discourse today articulated on how ‘anger’ is an enemy to a human being. A volunteer, who does Seva as ‘Dharma’ should cultivate the habit to control anger to succeed. He should think forward and not get angry. He advocated to stay calm at all times and serve society.

Jain Acharya Mahashraman

RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan ji Bhagwat participated in the Chaturmas Vrat event organized by Acharyashree Mahashraman Chaturmas Pravas Vyavastha Samiti in Chennai on 23rd July 2018.

Meeting Acharyas, the spiritual leaders, recharges one’s mind. We get guidance, reform yourself and it equally helps in re-dedicating oneself to the service of society and nation, said Mohan ji Bhagwat. Responding to Acharya’s thoughts on anger, Bhagwat ji said anger which we have cannot be controlled by external factors. It prevails in our heart. One has to control oneself so as to get control over one’s anger. Happiness or sadness, love or hatred… everything affects our mind in an equal manner. Spiritual leaders who are born in Bharat have gained complete control over these factors. So we have to go to these people to acquire these qualities.

The foremost challenge we face every day is the ‘self’ because the challenge is not to change the world but to change yourself. To control ‘anger’, it should come from the self. As such, to run a family, to maintain a sanghatan, to work with togetherness you need Satya, karuna, ahimsa, suchita and tapas. Bharat has seen many invasions. But because of the abundance of spirituality in this land, whoever invaded eventually got destroyed. This land was there, it is still now and it will go on. Don’t fight with the nature of Satya. Satya cannot be comprehended by one individual. Many together can of course comprehend ‘SatyaSatya’. So what is truth? Arguing about ‘what is truth’ is a waste of action. Truth is everywhere. So accept a person as he is. What is Ahimsa? You have to think of the welfare of all people you should not maintain enmity in your mind. Instead try to remove the feeling of enmity from the opponent. Enmity can be won over only by kindling the love in the opponent’s heart. So Ahimsa is not cowardice. It is an act of bravery. In order to maintain peace in the mind of the self, peace in the family, peace in the society, one should change oneself. Here, the first challenge is correcting Ourselves. Everything gets reformed. Make your life pure, efficient, remove your defect make your life useful, without this we cannot change the world. The world to obtain these virtues, we should get the holy presence and guidance of spiritual leaders, and we are responsible for the action through good deeds in society, said Mohan Ji Bhagwat.

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