Home News RSS slams CPM for vandalising Keshave Smrithi Sevalay in Kannur, Kerala

RSS slams CPM for vandalising Keshave Smrithi Sevalay in Kannur, Kerala


Keshav Smriti Sevalay, inaugurated in Perunthattil, Kannur by Prajna Pravah Akhil Bharatiya Samyojak Shri J. Nandakumar yesterday, has been vandalised by CPM miscreants in a highly despicable act of violence this morning (on May 1, 2017).

Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) in its press statement said, barely a day after the inauguration, a group of armed CPM workers attacked the Sevalay and destroyed the properties belonging to the Sevalay.

Perunthattil, is a CPM stronghold where other organisations are not allowed to undertake any  political-cultural activity.

The Sevalay, comprised of a help-desk, employment cell, library etc., has been attacked over 18 times since its very foundation stone was laid. At every stage of construction, (the foundation stone was removed, the excavated area of the foundation was filled, the nearly finished walls were demolished etc.) the structure has been demolished by CPM miscreants.

Despite threats and series of heinous attacks, the Swayamsevaks supported by the mothers and sisters of the village completed the construction by imperilling their lives.

The photo gallery set in the library hall, of the venerable cultural figures of the village like, Narayanan Koithatta, Kunjambu Nambiar along with that of the two Balidanis has been destroyed.

A day before the inauguration, RSS Vibhag Karyvah Shri Sasi was surrounded by a group of armed CPM workers but had a very close call. It is worth noting that it is the same village where posters and hoardings erected by CPM that read: “Welcome to CPM Party Village/This is an RSS-free zone/Here RSS is banned”.

The violence against RSS Swayamsevaks in Kerala, Kannur District in particular, has intensified manifold since the CPM-led LDF Government took over in 2016. The culprits should be brought to the justice at the earliest. The CPM national leadership should show the courage to own up the crimes committed by their cadres and urge the state unit to shed the violence and make Kannur conducive for political and cultural activities of nationalist organisations. The civil societies should raise their voice against the violence perpetrated by CPM cadres in Kerala as the state descends into total mayhem and anarchy.