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RSS Strongly Condemns Telangana Govt’s Muslims Reservation Policy


The Telangana government is duping the Muslim community by assuring them to offer 9% reservations, which is against the constitution. The honourable Supreme Court has rejected such kind of attempts earlier. Instead of Muslims appeasement, the state government must ensure that all entitled benefits should reach every citizen without any discrimination, said Sri Aekka Chandrashekar ji, Telangana karyavaha (Secretary) of Rasthriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Hyderabad.

Sri Shekar ji was speaking at press meet in Barkatpura, Hyderabad organised by RSS to brief about its recently concluded All India National Council meet in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu on 19-21 March.

The Sangh will focus more on bringing greater awareness in the society on such dangerous attempts, in addition to representing its view to Sudheer Commission, which is looking into the matter.

He also expressed a serious concern on the growing radicalisation of Muslim youth in Hyderabad and their attraction towards terror outfits like ISIS, citing the recent arrests by NIA. Vigilant society is one of the best solutions to contain and neutralise in spreading any sort of anti-national agenda among the innocent people.

While replying to the question on Communists attacks on RSS cadre in Kerala, Shekar ji said the intolerant CPM under the leadership of present CM P. Vijayan is brutally killings RSS people since its came into power. Aim of the attacks is to bring fear among the people who are associated with RSS and whoever recently coming into contact with Sangh, especially ex-communist cadre which is deserting them.

Answering to a question on allegations RSS retaliation on CPM cadre in Kerala, Shekar ji strongly condemned this baseless charge and asked governments to initiate any investigation. He reiterated that Sangh does not believe in non-violence and it works and believes within the framework of constitutions.

Speaking on suggestion of Supreme Court on out of court settlement for Sri Ramjanmabhoomi issue, he expressed people of the country already have favourable consensus on building the temple irrespective one’s faith.

The parties and government should not delay further because Lord Sri Ram is a not only a God for Hindus, he is symbol of national identity and the dispute is not of mere temple, but it’s part of the nation building. The delay could lead to make legislation for building RamTemple, he further added.

Shekar ji reminded that Mamata Benarjee’s silence on horrific targeted attacks on Hindus in Dhulagarh in December 2016 following Prophet Muhammad’s birthday by fanatic Muslims, closure of schools and barring students from celebrating traditional Saraswathi Pooja is alarming and a challenge to internal security of the nation. The attack on Kaliya Chowk police station in Malda, was pre-planned where these fanatics burnt the painstakingly prepared intelligence reports on cross border terrorism and suspected terrorists. Then subsequently burning the Hindu houses in the nearby market.

Recently, NIA has identified several terrorism modules and sleeping cells residing in West Bengal after the Burdhwan blasts. Instead of neutralising terrorist strategies and supporting the national investigative agencies the silence of Mamatha lead TMC govt is utterly condemnable.

On this occasion, the state unit of RSS has released the ABPS Resolution on growing “Growing Jehadi Activities in West Bengal – a Challenge to National Interests” and review of its activities for the year 2016-17.


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