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సమాచార వాహిని: 14-నవంబర్-2018


శబరిమల తీర్పుపై పునఃసమీక్షకు సుప్రీం ఓకే
కేరళలోని ప్రసిద్ధ శబరిమల ఆలయంలోకి  అన్ని వయసుల మహిళల ప్రవేశానికి అనుమతి కల్పిస్తూ సుప్రీంకోర్టు ఇటీవల ఇచ్చిన తీర్పును సవాల్ చేస్తూ  దాఖలైన రివ్యూ పిటిషన్లను విచారించేందుకు సర్వోన్నత న్యాయస్థానం  అంగీకరించింది. Read More..

Five Reasons Why Nehru Hated Babasaheb Ambedkar  
Jawaharlal Nehru had a deep contempt for intellectual superiority and those who had a different ‘Idea of India’ than his. Nehru tried hard to push Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar into twilight of history, but Ambedkar bounced back because Bharat needed him more, and not Nehru. We contextualise five reasons, which are five points about different ‘idea of India’ which made Nehru loathe Babasaheb.Read More..

Selective Data On Communal Violence In India: IndiaSpend, English Media Has A Lot To Answer For
The English media, including The Washington Post, cites poorly researched data to roll out narratives on ‘rising’ communal violence in India. When questioned about the selective reports, they have no convincing answer, with the American daily scrambling to take cover in the ‘troll’ claim. Read More..

The Midnight Arrest Of Journalist Santhosh Thammaiah: An Act Of Vengeance
Just when the flavour of a right wing literary festival was still lingering in the air, a sudden burst of communal vengeance was reported from the hilly district of Kodagu in Karnataka. The Gonikoppal police arrested journalist Santhosh Thammaiah, a columnist with Hosa Digantha and the editor of Aseema.
https://swarajyamag.com/politics/the-midnight-arrest-of-journalist-santhosh-thammaiah-an-act-of-vengeance Read More..

The Bitter Truth Is That Nehru Was Right To Choose Partition 
Blaming Jawaharlal Nehru for the Partition of India in 1947 has lately become fashionable in the country’s political discourse. It is the view of a number of academics and experts that Nehru was responsible for Partition because he did not agree to the Cabinet Mission Plan of 16 May 1946. Read More..


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