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Save Sabarimala: Peaceful Protests in Telangana

Hundreds of devotees and “Ayyappas” ( those who take Ayyappa deeksha) protested at Hyderabad on 20th Nov 2018, against the atrocities and arrests of Hindu leaders by the CPM government of Kerala. The Ayyyapas sang bhajans and prayed that the Chief Minister of Kerala is taught a lesson and that Ayyappa gives wisdom and good sense to him.
Speaking in the dharna organised by Sabarimala Samrakshana Samiti, Guruswami Ramana said that the Kerala government was behaving in a dictatorial manner and questioned the attacks on hapless devotees by the CPM government. He asked the voters to vote for only those parties which support the “Save Sabarimala” movement. He gave a call to the protesters to organise programs near all temples and put up banners in all cross roads to educate the people about the unfortunate happenings at Sabarimala.
Head of Sri Peetham Kakinada,  PujyaSri Swami Paripoornanda condemned the high handed approach of the Kerala police. He said that the police were moving in the temple precincts with shoes, removing the “irumudi” of the bhaktas on the excuse of checking for bombs and stones. Not only that, they opened the “irumudis” which they are not supposed to do. When the devotees protested, they were lathi-charged. Do the police have the guts to do the same in non-Hindu places of worship? He also questioned the approach of the Hon’ble Supreme Court. He questioned how the Supreme court on one hand refuses to accept the review petition and on the other decides to conduct an open court on 22nd Nov 2018.
The anti-Hindu forces are using the Sabarimala issue and are indulging in mis-propaganda that there is discrimination against women in Hindu society. This is an international conspiracy, alleged Swami Paripoornanda.
VHP, Bajrang Dal and other Hindu organisations participated in large numbers in this protest.


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