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SDPI behind Atmakur Violence, Police reveals


Kurnool. Kurnool S.P. Ch. Sudheer kumar reddy reveals that an Islamic extremist political party SDPI is behind the Atmakur violence.

It is learned that a large number of Muslims mob pelted stones at local Hindus and BJP leader Budda Srikanth Reddy and others who had obstructed the illegal and irregular construction of a mosque in Atmakur, Kurnool district, Andhrapradesh. The vehicles and properties of the surrounding Hindus were destroyed by those muslims. They destroyed BJP leader Budda Srikanth Reddy’s vehicle and attacked the police station and destroyed the equipment and furniture in that. And created a large-scale violence in town.

Police officers investigating the incident have received shocking information. Police have arrested 9 main accused in the case. According to SP Sudhir Kumar Reddy, 7 of them are from Velugodu, Kurnool district, and are active members of the Islamic extremist political party SDPI.

The SP said that the SDPI had conducted training programs in Nandyala in the first week of January and earlier in Velugodu. These seven accused had played a key role in those training activities. The SP clarified that those SDPI members created tensions in Atmakur, provoked the local Muslims and incited attacks on Hindus and BJP leaders.

SP Sudhir Kumar Reddy said they also obstructed the police who went to find out the details while SDPI training classes were being conducted in Nandyala and Velugodu. “According to the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), the police have the power to collect details from wherever they think something is wrong. Obstructing their duties is a violation of the law, and that those who do so are punishable, and that everyone must cooperate with the police in this regard, otherwise they will be punished by law.”


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