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Sri Sri Ravishankar Inspires Deadly Insurgent Group to take up the Path of Peace and Democracy


The leaders of United People’s Liberation Army (UPLA), after eight years of armed struggle, pledged to choose the way of democracy and peace to achieve their goals, at The Art of Living International Center in Bengaluru in the midst of 10,000 people present. The event happened with the Gandhi Jayanti.

Members of the UPLA present in the Ashram premises included Chairman, Sorjon Loeh Wellesly, General Secretary, Songkim Engjai, Publicity Secretary, Harmon Phangcho, Home Secretary, Songsarpo Tungjang, Foreign Secretary, Mongve Senar and, Finance Decretary, Young Tungjang.
The outfit had, in a statement earlier, agreed to “suspend armed struggle and declare a ceasefire with the State and Central Government and explore the possibilities of pursuing our demands through dialogue”.
The UPLA members were accompanied by a delegation of over 35 members of National Police Foundation of the US as well as top cops, scholars and peace activists from India. Also present were members of police, policy makers and defence who were attending a two day World Summit on Countering Violence and Extremism organized by The Art of Living’s sister concern International Association for Human Values along with the ‘From India With Love Project’. The conference played host to the likes of Dr. Frank Straub and Dean Esserman from the National Police Foundation, Dr. Makarand Paranjape, Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, Dr. Joseph Smith, Mayor of North Miami, Charlie Allen, Institute for Economics and Peace and others.
During the two day Summit, the Brazilian Government conferred Sri Sri Ravishankar with the title of ‘Friend of Military Police of Brazil’, as more than 1000 military officials have benefited by the Art of Living’s meditation workshops.
Also, a first of its kind MOU was signed between the Art of Living and US Police Foundation, Washington DC in the presence of Gurudev, to improve police and community relations across the United States of America. Frank Straub, Director of Strategic Studies & Centre for Mass Violence Response Studies signed on behalf of the police.
The Minister of State of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India Mr Hansraj Ahir, in his speech applauded and appreciated the efforts of Sri Sri in furthering the cause of peace in Jammu & Kashmir and his initiatives to resolve the Ayodhya Ram Temple conflict in a peaceful manner.
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