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Syria-based ISIS operative planned to wed Hyderabad girl

The girl happened to be the sister of a B Tech student, who was earlier detained by Telangana Police along with two others, while trying to reach Syria.


A Syria-based ISIS operative Abu Zakariya had intended to marry a girl from Chandrayangutta in the Old City.

The girl is the sister of a B Tech student, who was detained by the Telangana police along with two other youngsters in Kolkata when they were trying to migrate to Syria via Bangladesh and Afghanistan in August 2014. Telangana Today is withholding the names of the girl and the youngsters.

Abu Zakariya was guiding the youngsters including the girl to reach Syria. He used to have discussions with them to propagate ISIS ideology and had also created ‘Jihadi Matrimony’ group to arrange marriages of ISIS operatives and guide them to reach Syria.

This was stated in the charge-sheet filed by National Investigation Agency (NIA) against three ISIS operatives — Sheik Azhar ul Islam, an accused number 1 (A1) from Jammu and Kashmir, Adnan Hassan (A2) of Bhatkal in Karnataka and Mohammed Farhan Shaik (A3) of Thane in Maharashtra before the special court in New Delhi in 2016. They were arrested for supporting ISIS activities.

Adnan had arranged a phone conversation between Mohammed Khawaja Lateefuddin alias Abdul Lateef and the student, both residents of Hyderabad, to coordinate among themselves their travel plans to Syria.

Adnan was in touch with the student and his eight-member group, including the girl. Again in December 2015, the student and two of his group members had gone to Nagpur and were planning to travel to Srinagar with an intention to reach Syria via Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). However, the Telangana police foiled their plans and detained in Nagpur and brought them back to the city. The Central Crime Station (CCS) police booked a case against them.

During investigation, the NIA found that Adnan had received and raised 3000 UPakAED (equivalent to Rs 53,202 in Indian currency) in Dubai and ensured that the money reached the student.

The student paid the amount to passport agents for processing the renewal of his sister’s passport and another group member under the Tatkal scheme and also for securing a tourist visa for Turkey. He also raised additional funds for the purpose. Adnan was also in contact with the girl initially on Facebook and then on Telegram.

The NIA said that the role of student’s group and its conspiracy needed to be investigated. The group had not only received and raised money but also collected funds from different sources and had attempted twice to reach Syria. The source of funds was required to be probed in detail, the NIA sources added.

Courtesy: Telangana Today


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