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Telangana: Islamic Conversions, Sexual Exploitation of Tribal Girls in Madarsa

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In a shocking disclosure, it has come to light that a gang was duping tribal girls and other hindu girls in the name of madarsa schooling and also indulged in sexual exploitation of these girls in ASR Nagar, Aswaraopeta, Bhadradri district of Telangana. These incidents came into the open when a woman complained that her daughters’ religion was changed forcefully into islam and that they were trafficked into flesh-trade. After several other complaints against the madarsa, police filed cases and arrested the madarsa managers SK, Vali, his son SK Razaq and brother-in-law SK Jani, police revealed on 11th July 2019.

SK Vali was running the madarsa without permit since 2011, and apparently got the permit recently. The madarsa claims it is run for the poor muslim `dudekula’ community children teaching them Urdu and Arabic and that it works for social uplift, whereas actually under the garb, it is running a religious conversion and sexual exploitation racket. So far it is known that they converted 13 girls into islam, out of which 8 are tribal girls, by promising them help and support. The trio would share the `converted’ girls’ photos with Masjids in other states and receive grants and donations.

A man belonging to Godavarikhani in his written complaint stated, that his daughter was converted, married to Vali’s son Razaq and was sexually exploited. These frauds did not stop with girls. A man Purushottam and his brother Laxman Rao from Burgampad went to Vali, for treatment of his illness. The two brothers stated in their police complaint that they were converted to Islam, forcefully married to tribal girls, and Rs 20000 was looted from them, under the threat that Atrocity cases would be foisted upon them on behalf of tribal girls, if they didn’t cooperate. DSP Madhusudhan Rao revealed to media that so far they have information that 4 child marriages occurred in the madarsa, and the girls were subjected to sexual assault by Razaq with support from Vali and Jani. The cases are being investigated by the police.

Source: Andhra Jyothi daily


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