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Telangana minority education society, TMREIS, making changes in Intermediate courses


The Telangana Minorities Residential Educational Institutions Society (TMREIS) has decided to scrap some of the existing Intermediate courses in their junior colleges citing lack of faculty and school students feedback.

As per the latest TMREIS notification, the junior college in Barcas, Hyderabad will no longer offer Civics- Economics-Commerce (CEC), and colleges in Nizamabad will have not offer Mathematics-Physics-Chemistry (MPC) and the Biology-Physics-Chemistry (BiPC) courses.

Speaking on this development, B Shafiullah, secretary of the TMREIS said, the decision was taken following the feedback from minority school students before decided to offer MPC, BiPC courses in 11 colleges and CEC and MEC courses only at the college in Nizamabad. He also cited lack of faculty to offer these courses in every college.

Some of the teachers have termed such changes in courses is absurd and they demand for new notification with necessary changes.

Dismissing these charges, TMREIS officials added that all courses will be offered across junior colleges, under the society, within the next two to three years.

Suspecting the foul play in these changes Mohammad Masooduddin Ahmed, president of  Telangana State Minority Employees Welfare Association said, “It is good that the society is opening new colleges, but they can’t discontinue courses being offered by some of the existing institutes. If they offer CEC course only in Nizamabad, what will children in the other districts do? Do they really think it is possible for a student from Hyderabad to travel to Nizamabad every day, for classes? Similarly, at the Nizamabad college, if they stop offering MPC and BiPC courses, do they expect everyone to study only CEC”.

The distance between the Hyderabad and Nizamabad is over 175 kms.

Until the last academic year, the TMREIS had only two junior colleges under it. From this year, the society has decided to add another 10 colleges for admission into intermediate and each of which will have a strength of 80 students.

The reservations in the admissions for TMREIS will be made in ratio of Minorities – 75%, Others – 25%. Along with these courses TMREIS  also offers daily Arabic language classes will in these schools.

Source: Times of India