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The concept of Holistic Health Makes Ayurveda useful for the society – Dr. Mohan Bhagwat Ji


Nashik. Ayurveda has introduced the concept of Holistic Blissful Health (Nirayam Sukhi Swasthya) since a long time. That is why the Ayurveda is becoming global. The world is looking at this pathy as not only as cure of illness but also as the wellness for all. Especially the importance of this Ayurveda has been understood by all during the Corona period, asserted Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwat. Sarsanghchalak also emphasised that Ayurveda should also work to connect other pathys for which an organization like Ayurveda Vyaspeeth would be useful.

Dr. Bhagwat inaugurated the Charak Sadan, the building constructed through the donations of the workers of Ayurveda Vyaspeeth, which works in the field of Ayurveda through the four branches of service, research, publicity and education at the Shankaracharya Nyas. Vaidya Jayantrao Devpujari, a senior worker and former national vice president of Ayurveda Vyaspeeth presided the function.

Dr. Bhagwat congratulated the Ayurveda Vyaspeeth for building the edifice through the cooperation of each other’s organization. He said that organization is important in life. It is a good thing that during the Corona period, the common masses came to know about the importance of Ayurveda in the form of different types of extracts and other remedies and they turned to this thousands of years old ancient healing practice.

In ancient times there was not the concept of building, but there was forest. The treatment was given through the plants in this forest and was equally effective.

Therapies should be exchanged

He said that people believe that Ayurveda treatment takes a long time to heal as compared to the treatment given to them by Allopathy and there is nothing wrong with that. The proportion of patients getting cure depends on how the treatment is provided in a therapy and in how much measure. In today’s world people have become smarter. They are getting to experience every pathy. Therefore, practitioners of Ayurveda, which is ancient in India, should also acquire knowledge of other pathys. Likewise, what is the harm if practitioners of other pathys, including allopathy, acquire the knowledge of Ayurveda. One feels that there should be an exchange of therapies.

Quality and class are the most important

Two or three things are most important in a therapy. It all depends on the quality and class of the pathy. Apart from this, cheap, easy and accessible treatment should be provided that too with a view to cure the patient completely. In view of the Ayurveda, there is a difference between the cost of primary treatment and other treatment methods. The treatment of Ayurveda proves to be effective even if gradually. However, there is no denying that some treatments in Ayurveda help to cure fast.

On this occasion, Jayantrao Devpujari was honored by the Sarsanghchalak on behalf of the Ayurveda Vyaspeeth for his appointment as the first President of the National Commission of Indian Medicines, Delhi. Rajni Gokhale made opening remarks while Satosh Nevpurkar gave introductions. Vilas Jadhav made a vote of thanks while Mandar Bhanage performed the Vaidya Geet.

Dr. Bhagwat also said that people have come to realize during the Corona period that Ayurveda is of paramount importance to make treatment easy and convenient. Today, this treatment needs to be taken to the 130crore people in India. We have to make zealous efforts for this. Not stopping at just curing the ill patient, one must think of making him holistic and healthy in every sense. Ayurveda Vyaspeeth has to take up a movement of social enlightenment for this purpose. Ayurveda is a science that has been practiced for many years. The trainers, students, experts and doctors should take initiative for its global promotion. Sometimes our science has to deal with things like falsehoods and superstitions, but there is no reason to be afraid.

Courtesy : VSK BHARATH


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