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The finding of Shivling at Gyanvapi makes it self-evident it is a temple – Alok Kumar


New Delhi. “The Shivling found in a room during the survey at Gyanvapi in Varanasi is self-evident enough that that is a temple”.. This was stated by the International Working President of VHP and senior advocate Alok Kumar.

He said, “Shivling has been found in one of the rooms during the survey in Gyanvapi temple and it is news of great joy”. He said that “the Shivling was found in the presence of both the parties and their lawyers. Therefore, the place having Shivling is a temple. This fact is self-evident that the temple is still there and the bona fide religious character of the basic structure and the place was very much that of a temple in 1947 as well”.

He expressed the hope that all the people of the country would accept and respect this well substantiated evidence found during the survey in Gyanvapi. He was confident that after the uncovering of the Shivling, the country would move in the direction of its natural outcome. He informed that the court of law has preserved and sealed the Shivling quarter of Gyanvapi. It is the responsibility of the police administration to ensure that there is no tampering and messing about there. He expressed confidence that this subject would reach its logical conclusion.

Alok Kumar said that since the matter was still in the court of law, it would not be appropriate to make further comments. After the verdict of the court comes, VHP would consider it further and only then it would be decided what next step would be taken.

“We had said that we would wait for the verdict of the court of law till the construction of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi temple. Now under the changed circumstances, we will place this matter before the revered Sant Fraternity in the meeting of our Kendriya Margdarshak Mandal scheduled in Haridwar on June 11-12, 2022”, he said.


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