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The Objective of Sangh Is To Unify The Whole Society – RSS Sarsanghachalak Dr. Mohan Bhagwatji


Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh Sarsanghachalak Sri Dr. Mohan Bhagwat ji said “The objective of the sangh is to unify the whole society”. He was addressing the swayamsevaks gathered at DAV School, Hoshiarpur, on his one day trip to Punjab.  In his speech, Mohan ji stressed on swadeshi, awakening womenpower and developing social harmony. He also expressed that nationalistic forces and right thinking people should be prepared and ready to deal with elements that are trying create social unrest in the society.

The meeting was attended by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh zilla and vibhag sanghachalaks, karyavah, pracharak, pranth and kshetra karyakarini members. Speaking on the occasion, Bhagwat ji said that the objective of Sangh is to unify the whole society. For this, we all need to come together, take collective responsibility, divide the work among us and move ahead. He added that if all the swayamsevaks work in one direction, then we can achieve our goals very soon. For this, we need to have trust, affection and understanding on each other. He advocated that unity should become the medium for transformation of society and for that we need to plan and work.


Stressing on the need for social harmony, he said that there should be entry for all in temples, common source of water and crematorium. If there are any differences in the society, the swayamsevaks should work along with members of society in resolving such kind of issues.

It is thewomen who can develop the character of the family and thereby society. Kutumb Prabodhan is a good medium for motivating women to harnessing their strength for the sake of social transformation.

It is important to strengthen the positive environment that has been created in the society towards Swadeshi. Working in this direction will not only strengthen our economy in the world scenario, but it will also help in increasing employment opportunities. At present there is a favourable environment, due to which the trust on Sangh in society has increased. In such state, we need to put more efforts for expansion of our work.

He also cautioned the karyakarthas that in present scenario some depressed and negative people may attempt to create disturbances and propagate falsehoods. In such cases, the national forces and good people should come together and defeat such attempts.

Sarsanghachalakji further told that our field experiences should bring positive results in our lives. Karyakarthas should contemplate, study and communicate. Contemplation developsthe human being man. It brings in not only personal development but also benefits society. We should also note that along with contemplation, it is necessary to develop correct reasoning too. He reiterated that we need to focus on kutumbh prabodhan, village development, cow protection and social harmony, because these elements will bring speed to our efforts of social transformation. He added we should work in team taking into everyone’s consent to get the fruits of our work. By building a team in all aspects of our work, committed people will develop, who will work for society.

In the meeting, kshetra sanghachalak Dr. Bajranglal Gupta,Punjab sanghachalak Brajabushan Singh Bedi, Himachal  Pradesh sanghachalak Colonel Roopchandra, sah sanghachalak Dr. Veer Singh Rangda were also present.