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The politics of violence : Kerala’s Marxists terrorising BJP workers


This week saw the scene of anti-BJP attacks in Kerala shifting from northern Kannur district, infamous for its history of murderous Marxist violence, to the State capital Thiruvananthapuram. If it was the CPI(M)’s killer gangs that are on the campaign of violence in Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram saw the police controlled by Marxist Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, who holds the Home portfolio, showering physical terror on BJP workers and leaders who were protesting against the atrocities perpetrated by the management of the private Kerala Law Academy Law College against students, with water cannons, lathis, tear gas and even grenades, for two consecutive days.

On the first day of the police terror, BJP leaders including State party general secretary K Surendran and secretary VV Rajesh and several workers suffered injuries.On the second day, those injured in the police action included State vice president PP Vava, who, as per medical reports, might suffer sight impairment in one eye. The LDF Government headed by the CPI(M) is now facing the charge of unleashing police terror on BJP workers in order to drown in blood the protests against the law college managed by unscrupulous people with direct and indirect relations with the top Marxist leadership. For example, Law College principal Lakshmi Nair, also cookery programme star of CPI(M)-controlled Kairali TV, is the daughter of N Narayanan Nair, the main force behind the Law Academy, whose brother is CPI(M) State committee member Koliyakode N Krishnan Nair. Therefore, the protests against the Law Academy management — effectively a family concern — are in effect agitations against the Left, mainly the CPI(M). That is why Marxist students’ outfit, the Students Federation of India, through an allegedly conspiratorial move, tried to defeat the movement against the management by holding talks with it in isolation and called off its stir, claiming to have achieved the goal of getting Lakshmi Nair, fountainhead of all atrocities against students at the law college, sacked. However, the betrayal failed to click, and the other students’ unions like the ABVP, AISF, KSU and MSF continued the stir. The illegalities associated with the Law Academy management, which involved even free allotment of public land, had flourished under Governments led by the CPI(M) and the Congress. Both sides are equally perturbed by the intervention of the BJP, when its national executive member V Muraleedharan sat on a hunger strike at the college gates for eight days and was replaced by VV Rajesh when he was taken to the hospital.

This also explains why the Congress remains silent over police actions against BJP leaders and workers who were agitating for a cause that was being shared by that party, whose legislator, K Muraleedharan, had on Thursday started a hunger strike — in a close imitation of the protest fast by BJP leaders — despite the fact that his own party had never tried to act against the illegalities associated with the Law Academy management while in power. What is happening is obvious: The CPI(M) has failed to see the change taking place in the political firmament of Kerala. It should understand that Keralites are no more tolerant of campaigns of violence — be it in Kannur, Thiruvananthapuram or other places.

Courtesy: The Pioneer