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Tour of RSS General Secretary during the year 2016-2017


Tour of RSS Sarkaryawah Suresh (Bhayya ji ) Joshi:

During the tour of Sarkaryawah some programs were held by Sampark Vibhag, Dharmajagarana Samanvay Vibhag etc. besides organizational meetings.

  1. Interaction with young entrepreneurs was arranged in Mumbai. A total of 57 young entrepreneurs were present. The interaction revealed that they had been curious to know and understand the RSS. Monthly get together is conducted since last year.
  2. Two programs with intellectuals and doctors were held in one ‘Bhag’ of Nagpur Mahanagar. The attendance was 136 intellectuals and 142 doctors respectively.

3. A meeting of ‘Samrasata’ karyakartas engaged at block levels in Muraina Vibhag of Madhya Bharat Prant was held in which 3623 karyakartas from 333 villages and 1706 from 99 urban bastis were present.

4. In Chennai, 102 intellectuals participated in a seminar. Meetings were arranged according to different activities and liking. The participants gave positive indications to share the responsibilities in future.

5. A study group of karyakartas involved in Dharma Raksha Samiti activities in rural and urban centers of Malwa Prant was held under the auspices of Dharmajagarana Samanvay Vibhag. This was attended by 3593 karyakartas coming from 938 places.

6. A seminar on ‘Changing Scenario of Cities with reference to RSS work’ was organized at Indore in which 42 intellectuals participated.



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