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Under the guise of hijab, anarchy by Jihadis and their backers unacceptable – VHP


New Delhi. VHP has said that the hijab controversy that started in Udupi, Karnataka is actually a ploy and agenda to spread Jihadi anarchy under the pretext and guise of hijab. VHP’s Central Joint General Secretary Dr. Surendra Jain said that it can only be called ‘Hijab Jihad’. In a school in Udupi, the unruly and disruptive insistence of 6 girl students to not sport the school uniform became a flash point. Jihadist organizations like PFI are planning a big conspiracy to create chaos and turmoil in entire Karnataka. The stone pelting done by Jihadis at many places like Bagalkot is a direct proof of this. The alert and vigilant citizens of Hindu society and the country will not allow this agenda to succeed.

He said that the speed with which the Islamic world and the toolkit gangs of the entire world have reacted to this clearly shows that they want to make use of any and every opportunity to create lawlessness and chaos in Bharat. Probably they want to replicate Shaheen Bagh in Karnataka. VHP wants to make it clear to all these perverse and chaotic elements that they will not be able to succeed in their Jihadi designs and agenda due to the watchfulness of the Karnataka government and the eternal vigilance of the nationalist society of Bharat. It was only because of the indirect support of the Aam Aadmi Party government in Delhi that they were able to harass the citizens of Delhi.

Dr. Jain said that the girls of Udupi, who allowed themselves to act pawns for this plot, had, with conviction, put their signatures on the prescribed form at the time of getting admitted to the school, in which it was clearly written that they would come to the class wearing the school uniform. An amiable atmosphere is created in a school for imparting, inculcating and internalizing education, only if the pupils follow the rules and guidelines. Initially, these girl students were coming to school wearing uniforms. The way this doggedness on wearing the hijab suddenly took an aggressive posture, it is clear that this is a part of the Ghazwa-e-Hind Jihadi scheme and agenda itself. Besides supporting this, the way the Toolkit Gang, masterminded by the Congress Party, has humiliated the Hindu society is unacceptable and highly condemnable.

VHP also said that the way the Karnataka Congress President DK Shiva Kumar has misrepresented the saffron hoisting on a vacant pillar as an insult to the national flag is an attempt in desperation to get power even if he has to bump off the nation. Congress acting President Sonia Gandhi should clarify whether this crime of inciting Jihadi conflagration to insult Hindus was done on her instructions! If not, then by taking strict action against the culprit, an effort should be made to clean the Congress of such blots.

He alleged that these developments across the country make it clear that Jihadi elements and the entire toolkit gangs led by the Congress are trying to create lawlessness in the country. VHP wants to make it clear to them that the vigilant Hindu society will surely thwart these unholy conspiracies of theirs. VHP appeals to the Karnataka government to expose all these conspiracies and deal with them strongly as per the law of the land, so that they do not have the cheeks and audacity to spread this Jihadi fire across the country.