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Unveiling the deep-rooted conspiracy, RVS Mani stands robust maintaining 26/11 was a fixed match


Horrifying sound of the bullets shooting at Mumbai’s Taj Hotel still remains afresh as the ‘city of dreams’ witnessed the scariest and dreadful attack on 26th November 2008. Unveiling the deep-rooted conspiracy that shook the very base of bureaucracy, the former Secretary of the Home Ministry, RVS Mani had revealed and still stands by what he earlier said that the then ruling party Congress and the ISI were involved in performing this horrendous act.

Emphasising on the same, the man who suffered at the hands of these secular frauds for refusing to fall for and expand the ‘Saffron Terror’ story, RVS Mani in a tweet posted, “I still maintain that 26/11 was a fixed match between Congis & ISI. Saying this for many years. No one wants to debate on this on merits.” RVS Mani made a sensational claim that he was harassed in the most barbaric way to frame the then Gujarat Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in the Ishrat Jahan encounter case.

Last year, during the release of the Marathi version of his most talked book ‘Hindu Terror – Insider Account of Ministry of Home Affairs’, was released, RVS Mani also unfolded the pages of dark history of the then UPA government stooping to a level to safeguard their own self by keeping others life at stake. He also pointed out how they conspired to make Maharashtra a laboratory by maligning Hindus and establishing the narrative of ‘Hindu Terror’.

Not only this, RVS Mani had also revealed the outrageous manoeuvres by which a United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government ensured that a fake narrative of Hindu terror was brought into public discourse while evidence relating to real terrorists was suppressed. This whistleblower account by a former Home Ministry officer presents a shocking picture of a nation whose security was seriously compromised at the highest levels resulting in a series of terror attacks including the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

Eleven years to the day when Mumbai was attacked, Mumbai and the entire India recalls the heinous act and honours the brave hearts who sacrificed their lives saving many.



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