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US Prez commends Sewa International for its service amid COVID; Says, ‘Need your continued support’


Giving a pat of appreciation on the back of Sewa International for it’s massive service during COVID-19 and post COVID-19, US President Joe Biden in a letter of appreciation thanked the organisation for its contribution during the Month of Action to get friends, neighbors and loved ones vaccinated and protected against the deadly coronavirus.

“The past year has been one of the most painful years in American history. With more than 6,28,000 American lives lost due to COVID, helping get more people vaccinated is among the most important things any of us can do right now. Your efforts are not just saving lives-they are helping get our lives back”, the letter read.

“We need your continued support more than ever. United as a Nation, we can get through this pandemic and usher in a healthier and more helpful future”, letter by the US President added. Meanwhile Sewa International in its tweet thanked Biden for recognizing its efforts. “President Joe Biden your words are inspiring and motivating all our volunteers! Thank you once again!”, the tweet read.

Sewa International has served the society in the inadequate times of COVID-19 pandemic. Providing medical kits, vaccines, beds to the needy, etc had become a daily part of their routines. Even today, Sewa International is busy making people aware about quality health and lifestyle by posing variety of self health challenges.