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Vaatsalya Mandir, a home for orphans in Kanpur


To give the personal touch of his divine presence in everybody’s life God created- Parents. But in their case destiny seems to be bit unjust as they were pulled away from God’s biological avtar The Parent’s and tagged them as Orphans. Sad…. Isn’t it? Yes , but it’s not necessary that every sad story has the sad end too, some do have a happy side also, as the case of children of Vaatsalya Mandir-an orphanage- located in Kanpur city of Uttar Pradesh.

In his quest to give orphan children, especially from tribal areas, a home filled with all the love and care that a child needs, one of RSS dedicated Swaymsevaks late Yatinder Singh ji established ‘Vaatsalya Mandir in 2004. Though Yatinder ji, today is not among us but his love towards orphans is still alive in the shape of Vaatsalya Mandir that currently houses some of the very brilliant minds such as Brijesh Tharoo, who got 320 all India ranking in prestigious IIT entrance and a tribal boy Pawan Pal, who is preparing for NDA. Both these young talents came to Vaatsalya Mandir, when they were at the age of just 4 years.

Located in the premises of Pandit Deendayal Sanatan Inter College, housing the 28 children, Vaatsalya Mandir ensures the overall growth of a student. Whether it is computer education, music, kathak dance, sports or various vocational training all are available to these children. “All the expenses to run this Prakalp that is between 70,000 to 1 lakh rupees per month is bear by the Yatinder ji ‘s father Sh. Virendrjeet ji, who is also the Kshetra Sanghchalak of Purvi Uttar Pradesh”, tells Sh. Naval Kishor ji, Sewa Pramukh of Purvi Uttar Pradesh, adding after the untimely demise of Yatinder ji, his wife Neeta ji look after all the affairs of Vatsalya Mandir.

Most of the children here are from most backward tribal regions of Balrampur, Lakheempur, Baharaich and Manikpur. Children of tribal sections such Gaud, Thor and Kol, which are on the verge of extinction, were brought here by the volunteers of Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram. Sonam, who currently works as an office staff at Pandit Deendayal Sanatan Inter College, is one of the early lots of children landed here. She even hardly remember how her parents succumbed to the injuries inflicted by a wild bear and that tragic incident led her to landed here with two siblings.

Suresh Agnihotri, who once used to be a Sangha Pracharak, and his wife Meena Ji have looked after the children at Vatsalya Mandir from the day first as their parents. They give all the affection to the children but simultaneous teach them discipline. At Vatsalya Mandir day starts at 4:30 in the morning with Yoga session. Besides this responsibilities such as cleaning, daily purchasing, kitchen operation and others are performed by the children themselves. Recently adding more glory to the name of Vatsalya Mandir, Jai, Pawan and Sandhya bagged medal in 2000 meter race.

Courtesy: Sewagatha


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