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VHP to restore lost glory to temples


VHP to restore lost glory to temples

The Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP) will work to bring together religious heads and concerned Hindus in its endeavour to bring back the lost glory of temples. The move will be under the banner of the VHP’s Temples Protection Committee.

At a press conference here on Tuesday, a few religious heads including Mata Nirmalananda, Nrusimha Bharathi, Paripoornananda and office-bearers of the Temples Protection Committee – All India President Harishankar, VHP Telangana unit President S.M. Ramaraju and General Secretary Narasimha Rao resolved to strive together.

Swami Nrusimha Bharathi and Swamy Paripoornananda regretted that successive Governments rode rough shod over Hindu religious institutions and temples and silence voice. In contrast, they said no Government would do the same with any other minority institution or places of worship. The demands include excluding temples and their management boards from political intervention of any kind. Instead, people who were well-versed with the Vedas, scholars and priests, apart from those who were adept at management of such institutions and with high levels of honesty and integrity needed to be chosen, they said.

The speakers said the need of the hour was to build a movement to free temples from political intervention and pave the way for Hindu temples to get back their lost glory. They said management boards needed to remember that their salaries and expenses were met with contributions by devotees and hence devotees and their convenience should come first.

Courtesy: The Hindu


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