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Will cancel passports of NRIs inciting over Sabarimala issue, says Kerala cops


The Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner has issued a warning to Non Resident Indians who have allegedly been inciting riots and fermenting trouble over the Sabarimala issue. A notice issued by the Commissioner says that those Non Resident Indians found spreading instability about the Sabarimala issue through social media posts and voice notes will have their passports cancelled, and be forced to return to India.

The notice says, “It has come to our notice that posts and voice messages calling for riot with the intention of creating instability are being spread through social media in connection with Sabarimala pilgrimage. Those who spread these messages will be booked under non-bailable sections. The cyber cell of the police has collected details of those who are spreading such malicious messages from abroad. Legal action has been taken to cancel their passports and to make them return to the state.”

When TNM asked the Thiruvananthapuram City Police Commissioner P Prakash IPS about the reasons for which the notice had been issued, he said, “The circular was given to address Sabarimala-related provocative voice notes videos and photos, and social media posts, it says those sending such things will have strict action taken against them.”

When pressed about the reason for including the warning to foreign nationals about their passports being cancelled for indulging in such activities, he said, “It is on the basis of the DGP’s circular. We have written like this because the highest number of such posts are coming from abroad, and [it needs to be known] that strict action will be taken against them. Their passports will be cancelled and a case taken up against them.”

He reiterated, “This is a criminal case, it will be taken up in that matter. Hence the circular was given as an advance warning.”

The notice is being circulated on social media, and causing some outrage with those who align themselves to Save Sabarimala protests alleging that this was a intimidatory tactic of the Kerala police.

Source: VSK Bharat


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