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Kargil Diwas 2020 celebrations by Balagokulam Bharat, Hyderabad


Kargil Vijay Diwas, that marks India’s victory over Pakistan in Kargil war, has and will continue to inspire Indians for future generations. The day reminds us of our glorious soldiers and their exemplary courage. Each year, children of Balagokulam Bharat, Hyderabad chapter pay homage to the brave hearts along with their families. This year, separated by social distancing yet united by the spirit of patriotism, 21st anniversary of Kargil Diwas was enthusiastically celebrated by digital means across Balagokulams on Sunday, 26th July 2020.

Balagokulam Bharat was blessed to have a special message from Kargil war veteran – Group Captain Shri Nachiketa ji for all kids. Offering his homage to the brave 527 soldiers who sacrificed their lives in this war, he stated that this was an occasion to re-affirm our faith in defence soldiers who are guarding our country on land, in air and in waters. He inspired Balagokulam Bharat kids by sharing his role and briefly the story of his captivity in Pakistani Army. He emphasized role of Balagokulam Bharat as an innovative, value-based initiative to shape the young inquisitive minds.


About 62 Balagokulams celebrated the Kargil Diwas via online platforms involving 500 families across Hyderabad. The kids along with their families remembered the martyrs and lighted candles/diyas for them. Singing Vande Matram and chanting naaras all kids filled the atmosphere with patriotic aura and shared pictures to inspire one and all around them. Balagokulam Bharat shikshaks shared the real life valour stories of various soldiers with the kids in the weekly e-Balagokulam sessions.


Kids got a rare chance to interact with Aparajita Acharya, daughter of Kargil martyr, Mahavir Chakra awardee – Major Padmapani Acharya. Aparajita, who is an author at 19, NCC Cadet and a law student inspired the kids by sharing her wisdom and pride for her valorous father. Balagokulam Bharat’s passion for its nation building activities has successfully overcome the shortcomings of social distancing during the pandemic and saluted the spirit of every single Jawan who laid their life for the nation.

It salutes the “Never Say Die” attitude of our defence forces and continues to uphold the national glory! Jai Jawans!!


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